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DANIEL MALPICA poet / designer / multimedia artist

マヌケ ソブㇾ

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Radiador Magazine

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27.-30.2022: Copenhaguen Literature Festival (Denmark)

31.8.–4.9.2022: Nordic Poetry Summit (Turku, Finland)

2.-9.6.2022: Trånas at the Fringe Festival (Sweden)

Daniel Malpica is a Finnish-Mexican writer, graphic designer, publisher and multimedia artist. His work involves the exploration of cross-narratives, transmediality, design and literary arts. As an artist and curator, Malpica has developed multiple transdisciplinary literary projects across Europe, the Nordics, and Mexico. Malpica was editor and designer of Radiador Magazine and, between 2019-2022, a member of the board of directors of the Finnish PEN.

His most recent books, 'Se escribe con X' and 'Manuke Libre', have received support from the Finnish Arts Council (TAIKE) and the Kone Foundation.



© Background video excerpts by Lettrètage Lit House Berlin, Paola Figueroa, Ye Yint Thet Zwe and Jaime Culebro.

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