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+358 (0)41 4769087 [ Helsinki ]

マヌケ ソブㇾ

Dear traveler,

I'm a writer, graphic designer and producer based in Helsinki sice 2013.

I am author of the books Paréntesis (RDLPS, 2007), Marduk: Senectus Signum (Bakcheia, 2009) and Ex-Aether (Molinos de, 2012). As a multimedia artist, I have directed and designed more than a dozen of experimental lit events between the cities of Helsinki, Berlin, Malmö, Aarhus, Jyväskylä and Copenhagen for places such as the Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma, Helsinki Book Fair, Lettrétage Lit House Berlin, Nordisk Sprogfest, Vuotalo and more.

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© Background video excerpts by Lettrètage Lit House Berlin, Paola Figueroa, Ye Yint Thet Zwe and Jaime Culebro.

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